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And Then: Parts 1-3

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I was secretly of the opinion that I might be more at home in one of those evangelical sects that elevate losing control to a form of worship.

Bread, Fish, Serpent, Stone

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"Hey buddy. Hey! Ain't you got no place to go to?"

Bread, Fish, Serpent, Stone (continued)

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What happens after Mike the Magician and his friends abruptly depart . . .

Minor Damage (Part I)

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Mommy Nate is yelling. An ember pops onto his booklet and burns black holes in the blue and yellow pages. Carla turns and knocks the paint thinner onto the floor. Thin rivulets of fire run across the rug, up to the couch where Petey is napping and around

Minor Damage (Part II)

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It begins with a deep purple zig a dark blue zag. She works the line over and over until the pastel crumbles and creates the texture she is after. Flames sharp and black surround the scar. A red spray of anticipation. The lonely sound of a basketball thum

Screaming Woman - Excerpt

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Bree was mean as a bag of snakes and had done laid out most of the eligible bachelors in Culloden County at one time or another to the tune that at this point no man who’d heard of her wanted much truck with her.

The Uninvited Guest

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The first time I see her, she is slouched in a tire swing, pushing off with one foot and dragging the other beneath a dying pecan tree that probably hasn't made a nut in 20 years.

The Juniper Days - Part I

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She stepped into the spotlight like a butterfly released from its cocoon. Her dyed hair burnt like a flame, her eyes remained theatrically downcast as the music built to its crescendo. I knew something memorable was imminent.


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I am warming up the Hotel Hugo courtesy shuttle van when Victor the front desk manager comes striding out waving his arms asking me why I haven't backed up yet. Victor says I'm always in my own world when I should be paying attention to the work at hand,

How the Species Began Again, I

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Tina saw a tear escape from beneath the frame of the man’s broken glasses. It followed the contour of his cheek until it quivered along his jaw line.