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He turns and assesses me. Pretty blonde girl in a nice jacket and skirt. She looks like she has money. His eyes reach my face and he sees that I have tears in my eyes, on my cheeks.

Heading West

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He says, he’s going away next week. I can’t go; the kids are still in school. It’s just a few days. [166 words]

Heading West (edited)

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We stare past each other. I have my electronic friends. He has his televised beliefs. [163 words]

An Old Peach

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Allen would stroll the remains of the orchard, reminiscing with Tad, flirting with dementia.

The Juniper Days - Part I

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She stepped into the spotlight like a butterfly released from its cocoon. Her dyed hair burnt like a flame, her eyes remained theatrically downcast as the music built to its crescendo. I knew something memorable was imminent.

Leon Valley of the Dolls

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There's a flag she waves high and it is not white.

From Time To Infinity

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On some evenings, when I would sneak out of my room, I'd sit on the verandah and count the streetlights. I'd count the stars in the sky and trace the moon with the tip of my finger and consider how anyone could make it through the night when there were so

A Headache in the Cinema.

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In the bathroom, while waiting for a urinal, I remembered a scene from the film.

Curiosity In Pixelated Lullabies.

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She sits in front of me/Not for my skin’s comfort/But for digital reaction