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'Introduction' to LETTING IT ALL HANG OUT

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Was Sligo an unfeeling privacy-violator or an uncannily-feeling empath, privy to the deepest longings of those whose lives he came in contact with? [...] Sligo's grave is as silent as these pages ultimately would be if they were left unread.

A Felinist Critique of Macbeth

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Lady Macbeth goes around moaning “out, out damned spot,” when a well-placed lick would have solved the problem immediately, with no unnecessary and heavy-handed dialogue. Once again, clumsy work.

Author meets unflattering reviewer in bar

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It was one of those incredible literary coincidences destined to reside in Wiki annals forever.

GV snags Pusillanimous Negative Blurbists rookie-of-week recognition!

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"As a former newspaper hack I tend to be more creative on deadline."

Hemingway for Gloria

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He disliked intrusion and very specifically innocuous intrusion, nice guys, one might say, who tried to be near him to learn something from him or who admired him but who, as in that passage, came merely to disturb his work.