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A List of Ways I Have Failed to Express My Love for You

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The gaudy belt buckle I got you, which would have been well-received except that you hate gaudy belt buckles.The custom t-shirt I made for you using iron-on felt letters that generously enhanced the shape of your breasts in a way unfit for public display.The wedding…

Why Dogs are Men and Cats are Women

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Dogs will hump anything. Cats do not hump.

Swiss Miss Index

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Rye goods * Cracker brot: best practices * Recipes: never embellish! * Boughten: what to avoid

I Cant Ghazal

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Mortality is nothing personal


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One of the founders of the site has a German shepherd dog named "Fritz Lang".

Facets of Hope for Adjunct Faculty

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I.) Advanced degree buyback program II.) Become the Anthony Bourdain of found poetry III.) Single-handedly take down the world's most wanted dictator

Life Stats

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Abysmal Insights, By Age

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16 - Only a thin membrane exists between imprisonment and freedom/There is no such state as 'freedom'. 26 - If we are reincarnated without the same memory, that = death of the brain = death of the individual = absolute death. 30. Unitarian?

Saturday Morning, Minus One

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25 Resolutions for the Radical Humanist Writer

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You may choose to see the story behind this list or take the list literally - either way I hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year, all!

On Making Noodles

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gravelortian part 2

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"you have plastic in you"

gravelortian part 13

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Upon further investigation two soldiers were found

5 True Things

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5. When I feel the need to pray because I am too filled with joy or too afraid I pick a tree within view and pray to it.

Reasons to Live (RtL) = right to left

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6. to register for the draft