Reasons to Live (RtL) = right to left

by Ann Bogle

1.      to wear my clothes ("ambitious")

2.      to ride my Townie bicycle

3.      to fact check rumors

4.      to fact check news reports   

5.      to defeat social sadism

6.      to register for the draft

7.      to get to know people who call in seeking my help

8.      to praise Elizabeth Cady Stanton

9.      to praise God

10.  to increase my conscious contact with my higher rock, who is God

11.  to fail to appreciate each lower power

12.  to love, honor, and obey a big change in the idea of friend to mean visibly present other who shares

13.  to become enriched in value equal to every good deed, every good thought, and every benefit of every doubt I ever extended

14.  to cure my loyalty to a friend with borderline, a bulimarexic poor herself in honor whom I steadfastly nurtured just in time to see her

... to be continued

15.  to read as much as possible all the books I need now and in Sheol