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Some like it butch

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Sandra looked cool and very firm in her suit and tie. Ellie liked her butch ways, she wanted to be with that kind of strong woman who would always protect her and care for her, make a sort of love stronghold, a harness to feel really safe and true. It wa

Missed Connection

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I saw you in the produce aisle on Sunday. I was the redhead smelling the bottom of a cantaloupe, practically rimming it.

Take Back the Night

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A woman who is, say, a culinary arts champion or an heiress devoted to literature such as Bryher (Annie Winifred Ellerman) or Peggy Guggenheim might be able to turn me on, turn me out, turn me around.

The Gatekeeper Of The Pathogens

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It was in his teeth. A blackness, a subscription to an outsideness, a painful contraction of burnt out trees scattered there among sand drifts and tidal debris. His face, lightly weathered and troubled, a tightness built into eyes of thought and separation. His arms, strong…

One Perfect Dream

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In the beginning, you might think you know something about the characters. Yes, you get to know them, but were you expecting this ending?

Figs from the jar

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.."She realized she was thinking about Beth. She was in love, such a forbidden, lovely state of mind!! Oh she smiled at the thought of that ’sexy bitch’ as she called herself. Why would Beth turn her on in this way? Perhaps her jovial nature, her good loo

Matilda is my love

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Suddenly she seemed like all of the answers to my prayers, but something inside me halted me and reminded me of the fact that she was not even a proper lesbian. That would not stop me from making advances, though. Carefully.

The object of my affection....."Red, red wine - Will thy fresh lips ever meet mine"

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"I turned around, a bit startled as I had been brooding for a while and not really noticed that the shop attendant had showed up behind me. I don't know what I had expected, a middle-aged greyish fellow maybe, but this was quite the opposite: A girl in h


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I sensed someone approaching. She was wearing a big hat and she was smoking a cigarette from a holder.'Can't smoke in here, Ma'm. Sorry, but....''Oh, could you please come outside for a moment?''Sorry can't leave my station, Ma'm..''Oh, but you can.'I looked around, but I…