by Christina

I sensed someone approaching. She was wearing a big hat and she was smoking a cigarette from a holder.
'Can't smoke in here, Ma'm. Sorry, but....'
'Oh, could you please come outside for a moment?'
'Sorry can't leave my station, Ma'm..'
'Oh, but you can.'
I looked around, but I already knew she was just about right. Time was up for everyone today. It was closing time. There had not been any customers for the last half hour. I changed my mind, for some reason. I took out my keys. I rushed to close the cash register. Her high heels resounded through the empty marble space. The old door creaked on its hinges. A rustle of the keys, nervously, I locked the front door and searched the street to find her. By the gutter, she stood there, watching me as I stepped into the light of the lamp post. Had she been observing me from the window earlier? 
'I like big butts'. She smiled and almost broke into laughter.
'I...was admiring you. Indeed, I was.'
'Seriously, Ma'm? Are you pulling my leg here or what?'
'No, dear, I am dead serious, I am. Totally. How do you feel about that?'
'What is there to say? One's entitled to one's own opinion.'
'Hm, would you mind coming just a little bit closer? You've got such lovely eyes.'
'Oh, I....guess I don't.......hm.'
I moved in, a little. I felt a shake coming on, a shiver, something.
'Here, please dear, I have a warm scarf for you.'
She hung that thick scarf around my neck. I could smell perfume, mixed with smoke. I heard her faint breath. She seemed to be aroused by my presence. I noticed a hand following my back, circling my butt.
'Gosh, you are a beauty, my dear. Lovely butt.'
'Eh, I....don't know what to say to that...I have not had this kind of conversation with...a woman...before.'
She blew out her smoke, giggling somewhat.
'You have missed out on something, dear, I can tell you that. Now, what do you think of me?'
What I saw was a tall, blonde woman in her fourties or something, quite tan and lean, and quite stunning. A nice smile, alluring eyes.
'Oh, Ma'm of course I think you're beautiful. Who wouldn't?'
'Thank you my dear, how kind of you to say that.'
I could feel her hands doing more of that butt-probing. Oh, it felt good but could I respond? Here and now?
'Please, Ma'm, I can't stand out here in the dark and cold.'
Then,suddenly, she could not resist any more. She grabbed my face and kissed me.
I hurried to unlock the shop door, we rushed in and closed and she flung me against it. She pressed herself against me but I did not mind, strangely enough. I did want a beauty to caress me and kiss me, I did not mind at all. Her hands were so eager to be all over me and it felt heavenly, not quite like when Peter or Pat tried to make out with me. 
'Do you like it?'
'Oh, yes Ma'm, I love what you're doing.'
She kissed my neck and chest, pulled my bra and kissed and licked my breasts. This was sensational to me. I moaned as she kissed my body. She could fiddle with my breasts and mess up my hair for a whole day, I would not mind. 
'Oh sweet girl, I am losing my mind over you.'
'So am I', I said.
'Is that true? Do you feel like you want me?'
'Yes, yes, I do.'
'Then please come with me. I want to take you somewhere. Somewhere nicer.'
'Hm, well, I would like that. Show me something. Show me more of your love.'
She had to light a new cigarette after we got our clothes back on. I had watched her as she fastened her bra and I wanted a chance to do more to those full breasts of hers and her sweet lips, it was so much that came over me. She took me for a ride to the south side, we got out in front of a big house. She unlocked the door and we stood in a magnificent hall. I watched the walls but she took off her coat and began to undress herself and then me.
'Come on', she said. 'Let's have a bath'.
'It would be nice to have a hot bath after working on a long and cold day', I thought.
Water from the faucet came down. She smiled, standing there in her robe, putting some bath salts in the water. The fragrance and the warmth, the moisture, her alluring eager eyes again, and I felt all soft inside, devoid of any resistance. Once the bath was filled, I watched her body as she sat down and I followed closely. No sounds from the outside now, save winds and the odd bird chirps or dog barks. Darkness fell but we saw ourselves in a new light.     


Several hours later, I awoke, I sat up in a grand master bed. I saw her watching me, smiling again. She patted my cheek and let her hand come down to feel my chest and breasts.
'Hey, beautiful', she said, 'how did you sleep?'
'Mm, I....I slept well, thank you.'
She was playing with one nipple but then she caressed my tummy. I loved feeling her hand there, making circular motions on the soft skin. 
'Guess you like it....you don't think I should lose a few pounds there?'
'No, it is so cute...you are so cute with this little tummy and your perfect ass.....oh I would not want you changed in any way.'


'You...WHAT?'  Rose said, suddenly dropping her jaw way down as she talked on her phone. 'Aww c'mon are you serious?'
'Yes, I am, honey. She is the cutest thing I ever saw.'
'Sure you are not joking, May? This is not like you to be so obsessed by a young tender girl.'
'I want her to feel good, to feel sexy, to feel safe. Honestly I want her, I crave her, but I also want to protect her. That is a strong sentiment and I feel it all the time now, Rose. It is true!'
'Well, in that case, lots of luck to you. I won't bother with my sexy calls then, honey. I'll leave you be.'
'Rose I don't know what might happen, but I feel set on her, yes you can bet on that.'
'Right, May, bye, good luck honey.'
'Bye, Rose, thank you, dear.'

I felt different, way different, than before. That night with May, that made all the difference to me. I got to know myself better. I knew I had had crushes but this really showed me who I was, what I should be doing. I had loved it too much for it to be just some kind of phase - I wanted more, I wanted to be loved this way, I wanted us to do it all and have sex, make love, everything I could think of - us two women together!