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In the morning, Alan woke with only a half hour before he had to be at work. He pulled his clothes out of the dryer and folded them on the top of the washing machine. On the side of table he noticed, in among people’s old, stray socks, a button like one

Power Ballad

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Her eyes were brown. But he wasn’t sure. He looked again: her eyes were blue. Her eyes were blue, and looking straight at him.

Cheat Sheets

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I decided to cheat on my husband the day the washing machine broke. It was Darrell's fault, anyway. If he hadn't tried to wash the dog in the Maytag, none of this would've happened. It just goes to show that a man who forsakes the normal use of a househol


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Sheila's thigh brushes against me as Antone rambles on about an ice bar he saw on The Food Channel. “We have to go. All the drinks are served in cups made of pure ice, and they make you wear a thermal suit while you're there. You're so numb, you just drink and…


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I have a bachelor of arts in folding laundry. I'm certified in the tai chi of scrubbing china. I'd like to get my doctorate in the unmentionables: circus acts, flying trapezes. Recite Leaves of Grass to the elephants while they parade single-file around the ring.…

FISH/SEX excerpt (Pradesh)

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Women with bindis in the shape of Christmas trees appeared from behind a row of washers and began to twist, their flowing lehenga cholis fanning her hot face, Maang Tikas and Mama Chura bangles jingling. They fell into formation, each in front of her own

The Washing of the Quilts

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Sweaty feet, drool from the weighty sleep of mid-afternoon naps, the inescapable perspiration of the South: all combine to create the entwined scent of socks and stale toothbrushes...


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Life to her had come to resemble one of those mazes you find in a puzzle book, inscrutable except by those with exceptional IQs. Mary would run her pencil down one path in search of the passage that might penetrate to the exit, then another, but the paths