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Is there one who understands me?

Bonnie: The Uninspired Muse

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He has such a stupid look on his face, with that bulbous nose and ugly tooth. “What do you mean you quit?” “I quit, Wally. I’m done. It’s over.” “Bullshit!” “Seriously. I want out.”

She's a Mystery Girl

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I looked into those eyes. Those blue eyes. Those blue eyes that weren’t my brown eyes.

Play Pen

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we're only playing with this language you and I

The Feather

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Though the earth was a rugged and unfriendly place compared to Heaven, the realm below the ground was immeasurably more so. It was there that all the pains and sorrows of mortal life were cooked and squeezed, boiling over onto the world above.


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each word a simple life lesson draped in velvet

Just One Sentence

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Blinking, Eleanor frowned at the words she’d uttered. They were absurd… foolish. Unequivocally unscientific, but beautiful nonetheless. The notion of the sunless hours embodied as a clumsy artist struck the student as interesting.

Gravity Does Not Apply

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Gravity? What does that have to do with writing or with this improbable tether of blue marbles?

Saki's Tricky Niece

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They prize how she makes shit up on short notice

Behind the Writing - Music

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A powerful song is often a result of imaginative storytelling through a unique “voice” and pitch-perfect musicality.

You Don't Need To

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You need only one who notices.

Like Swan Lake

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There is art and / there is beauty

Break Needed

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A few minutes later I met her.

my apartment needs more culture

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the first night we visited/ i stepped on a splinter/ while walking to the car/ and half-limped back,/ hiding a wince.