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Polar Bear

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“The bear can run 100 yards in 8 seconds. These rifles can fire 5 shots in 8 seconds. So if a bear charges, I give you four seconds. After that, boom.” The guide put down the rifle. “I will wait for you to shoot,” he said. “But not too long."

dinner time

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Baagh looked up, her face saturated with the crimson red of accomplishment, as stars crept out of the darkening blue sky and filled the air with a blanket of twinkling lights. Two victims of the night laid still in the trail with their discarded long, b

First Blood

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...dogs snapping at the brush as it spins this way, that way, eluding the slavering jaws by a hairs breadth. The fox twists and rolls, tries every trick, every last desperate one.

A Brief Recap of My Last Excellent Meal

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You placed four perfectly crisp, golden-brown quail, still hot from the pan, onto my plate.

The Hound

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I would be the mortal to hand justice to God. It wouldn’t come in the form of steel from a blade or by gun powder of a revolver, but by my disbelief...

Orion, redux

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Growing up, Orion had always been told his father lived a good life then died from an illness....When Orion got old enough his mother took him for a walk and told him the truth.

Announcing Human Season

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Studies showed that the population of highly assertive human beings had reached an unsustainable level. The State responded with Human Hunting Season, from June 1 through July 31 each year, and worked with private landowners to establish a system of Huma

Announcing Human Season

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Contest rules are simple. Two teams of five hunters each are established by drawing from pools of interested volunteers and selected prison inmates confined for capital crimes and illegal immigration.


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He works up the nerve to peek around the tree. Tom looks in the direction he’d heard the footsteps. At first nothing seems out of place, then a small piece of forest moves. Not like a tree swaying, but like someone has cut out a section of forest and gave

Practice Questions: Grade 7

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When the deer did come, I couldn't shoot straight. I didn't feel scared, but I didn't want to miss and my hand was shaking. I hurried. I held my gun pointing out at the path and fired. But it went a little wild and instead of taking the deer down, I shot

If Blake had only known

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Everything is bound to change like / a damsel to the tracks.


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It is hunting season in Jersey today. They say “There are too many deer in Jersey today.”