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She stepped out of her panties. She spread her arms wide. "Take me!" she sang.

Sometimes, Things Just Are What They Are

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The bowl on the rest stop sink was full of potpourri. I put my gun in my coat pocket. The potpourri smelled of cinnamon, my hands smelled of gunpowder, and as I looked in the mirror above the sink, I couldn't help thinking about Christmas. Sam had got his wife a…

He Was the Worst Man of His Name

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Broken nose, split eyebrow, cracked jaw, a wheezing that pointed to his lungs and probably a few green stick ribs.

Three Tasks: Reflections on Mother's Day

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The first task was ridiculously easy. You rigged up the ladder from the unlocked communal laundry room. I climbed up and squeezed through the open bathroom window. I was skinny enough then to still fit through the bars, head, shoulders, and all. I opened the…