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Josef, Boy from Brazil

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I noticed his pistol before his pissbag and I knew then that failure not only had a face but a balding head, too

For Services Rendered

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His father and grandfather and great-grandfather had all practiced medicine in Berlin. Dr. Ernst Weldmann never questioned—rather, he embraced—the ancestral tide that swept him along a similar stream.

Rio, 1946

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Now his daughter was an American citizen and Max wanted only the chance to board the SS Maua and disembark in New York.


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Kalinivka, Kalinivka: The ground over the mass graves is hard, the soft grass grows. The Ukrainian Guard, boy and girl, make love, happy to be alive.


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SPECIAL ON THE JEWS “This is disgusting. Woody — shouldn't you be in your room with your homework?” “Now, Hon. Let the boy watch if he wants. This is history. There's a lesson to be…

Pig Girl

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"In the camps we ate whatever garbage they gave us." This according to my mother. "We had no choice." But I had eaten pig with gusto at an anti-Semite's table. Somehow this had to be undone. Burial in soil was all I could imagine.

The Miracle of My Father's Hat

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During the liberation, a Jew in the Russian army, asked him who had been the cruelest. My father gave them the name of the farmer who had murdered his father, and was later told the farmer's son was sent to the front and killed.

Birds of Prayer: 1/8 Snowflakes Like the Stars of David

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“Is that what six million looks like?” I wondered. I easily grasped the six part. I'd lived that many years. The Star of David had six points. So did each snow crystal.

Birds of Prayer: 2/8 The Chicken Killer From Brooklyn and his Satchel of Death

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His flat hat, a fur-trimmed streimel, lay on his head like a platter of dead minks, the man's Shirley Temple side-locks dangling like pigtails.

Reading at the Table

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I would like to say that story sent me reeling and nauseated from the table but no, I kept shoveling my soup without missing a beat and reading the TIME magazine folded next to my plate.

Fairy Tale in Dachau

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Certainly leftover cyanide-based Zyclon-B pesticide from the gas chamber was used to purge the lawn of weeds, bugs and vermin. Very efficient. No waste. Perfectly recycled.

Birds of Prayer: 3/8 The Snow Queen

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Snow was falling heavily, feathery flakes, like the gigantic chickens in my book pulling the little boy Kay behind the Snow Queen's sled, approaching her Palace of Death in the distance.

Birds of Prayer 4. Magda

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She looked like Snow White’s step-mother, especially when primping in front of her three-way Hollywood mirror on her dressing table. My own mother bitterly complained about her.

Birds of Prayer 5. The Lost Ones

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And just as always, as she uttered the syllables, they transformed into sparks charging the air, casting a spell, so that I could not grasp the answers before they evaporated like zeroes.

Birds of Prayer 6. The Slaughter 7. The Blood Sacrifice

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“I knew you’s the snoop fiddling with that butcher knife. Show me the damage.” He knelt to examine my finger. “Cut your finger almost right off, Kitty Kat.”