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This is why I am so angry at Obama, the father of two little girls, for declaring nuclear energy clean energy because it produces no carbons.

Birds of Prayer: Memoir

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“Is that what six million looks like?” I wondered. I easily grasped the six part. I'd lived that many years. The Star of David had six points. So did each snow crystal.

Ghosts of a Polish Ghetto

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I was born fifteen years too late to save them; Granddaddy was born fifteen years too soon.

Ilonka's Hagaddah

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So then we had to worry about the Russian soldiers. When they heard we were Jewish, they said “How come the Germans didn’t kill all of you?”

Krauts and Doubts

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Moral Dilemmas at Harvard

The Chicken Killer From Brooklyn and His Satchel of Death (Birds of Prayer 2)

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In overalls, earflaps and muddy work boots, my grandfather Zeidika blended with the Christian townspeople. But in his long black coat that tied like a bathrobe, the Hasid just arrived from Brooklyn at the rural New Jersey train sation stood out…

No Sanctuary 3. Bathroom

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These were definitely the two worst ways to die.

The Diary of Anne Frank's Daughter 4. Psychotherapy, God and Me

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The therapist started to seem increasingly far away, his head a tiny potato head, across the ignorant universe of his dustless desk that seemed to get bigger and bigger as the session progressed, like something out of Alice in Wonderland.

Elise Imagines Herself Behind Flowers: 1938

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In your mouth is the attic studio Where your father’s brushes lie wet with water

Lessons from Survivors

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You cannot go back, you cannot go home, you cannot cannot cannot…Only in memory is it possible to travel back in time. We all imagine it. We relive happy moments, sad moments, we exist, time exists and it passes. We cannot stop it.

The Serendipitous Nature of Being

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To do the proper set up for the story, it was taking me some time, but each bit was important to the outcome, and while he likened me to Higgens on the old Magnum P.I. series, I just laughed at his slowly closing eyes and folded arm, caught in a half cur