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Golden Fields

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Such ferocity and violence had changed her. It had toughened her. When she’d arrived a year ago she’d been a corpse, shambling around and mutilated. Even the lightest touch had been an agony on nerves exposed. Now? Now she was a Power. A beast in her own

The Conversion

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She became suited to herself only. She no longer tried in any way to fit, she fought the molds they created and kept moving in her own direction. Often forward, sometimes a bit backward, and she rightly scaled her own Mt. Olympus and there she sat with he

My Day To Your Night.

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The weather is chilly here in discomfort The goose bumps raise their black flags I've never peered through domes of eternal bliss Those sleek enough, slide past me I seek the empty company in brown plastic bags, With only a few holes and a branded…


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There could be a Reagan circle/ with a Maggie Thatcher suite.


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I peek over the edge. A gigantic maw opens under the stairway. I begin to run up the steps to escape, but the stairs are now moving faster

13 poets in Hell

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1Paradise Lost is cast into the lake of fire. Satan tells John Milton to rewrite it in 140 characters or fewer.2Filippo Marinetti languishes in a dismal rural idyll. His hand, possessed, scrawls euphonic odes to the moon with a quill.3Henri Michaux floats through the…

Cubicle Farm #666

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He ripped the black and white photograph of Robert Crumb from his cubicle. He put the photograph in his mouth. He chewed and chewed and chewed.

13 circles of Hell revealed to the Bird King in a series of hallucinations caused by medicine for a urinary tract infection

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1. The Kingdom of MaggotsBillions of tiny naked bald men wriggle and squirm through a derelict mannequin factory.2. The Sea of KnivesThe crests of waves slice and slash. Maimed mermaids wail.3. The Eye MoonEnvious mirrors ape the sun. An astronaut falls forever into open…


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I am quite the wreck!

Ms. Vergust's Collage (many words, sorry)

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He envisioned Ms. Vergust slumped on the couch, between her weighty legs a beer can, Pabst sloshing onto her bathrobe, a joint down to a nub burning her lips.


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Every day, a fresh new/ strain of Hell reveals itself

Spiritual Awareness

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Amir was a ghost, and he was terrible at it. No one had taught him how to be a ghost. There was no orientation, no welcome packet, no handbook. Ghosts started in limbo with only a name, and nothing else.