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I have a memory of rooms I never leave but have invisible walls. These are rooms I never leave, these are rooms where I exist but don't live. These are rooms where it is dark but I know they can see everything. They can even see inside of me—even my heart beating…

Out The Unloved, We Rise

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Of sleep my being anaclisis I wish you Knew the sultry, sunlit redwoods I soar through sometimes…

Five women: Penelope

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I have at the soul level only ever known five women if you dont count my mother.

Rose Petals

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A supermodel, carrying a large Valentine’s box, fell on the ice.

Though the Heart be Still as Loving

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With my heart preserved, I shoved a handful of baubles back in its place: some pages torn from my favorite books, a bass guitar string, a butane lighter, a shot of vodka. I stitched myself back up and left the roof in favor of the attic, where I hung my s

For my Unknown Love

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I still remember the old times when we were together. I wish I wouldn't have let you go. If you ever thought that we should be together, please come back.

La Pointe Courte

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Hold me, you, because I like it, long-dong silver, slacking slob.

Summer of '66

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We knew how to appreciate the little we had.

Banana Snake

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Each boy held a stick, nudging at something at their feet. Yuudai moved toward them, the burned grasses crunching like a cow eating heartily.


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You surprised me then, / climbing onto my finger: / climbing into my heart. / Your long, cobalt body felt weightless on my hand.

Real Heart

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A heart which is alive despite everything in the world that wants to deaden it.

Cuntasaurus Rex

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Coyotes are such sweethearts.


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Damien, my boyfriend, talks me back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night, he doesn't judge me for being afraid of the dark, or being lost at sea, he simply listens to me breathlessly explaining why I'm awake— again— at 3:32 in the…

Maggie's Mayhem

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Tonight was no remarkable night. The sun rose and set without question, children’s hearts broke with truth, around the world millions of people lost someone they cared about, millions people fell in love. It was an average day—it was unremarkable. It w


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Father, what did you think I would learn? That the heart, with an uppercut had fists in return?