For my Unknown Love

by Navjot Singh

I remember the times when we were

together and shared some great moments

of joy, friendship, sorrow and sometimes anger.

The times which were free of worries.

Wish we could go back

And recapture those moments again.

Now I realise you were the one

whom I had been searching all my life

as a friend, companion, guide and my love.

But now I miss you so much.

Where are you now?

I wish, I would have stopped you from going.

I wish I had realised my mistake then.

I wish….I wish…..I wish…..

Please forgive me for what I did.

Remember for the time we spend together.

If ever you felt something about me.

If ever you thought me as your friend.

If ever you remembered those moments.

If ever you felt we should be together.

If ever you felt that you loved me even once.

Then, please forgive me and come back.

You are the reason I live.

You are my soul, life and sole motivation.

I love you from the bottom of my heart.