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Swimming with Tongues

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His subway job offered some protection, but the layering of earth was nothing compared to what water did to insulate him from the Sacred. And that’s what he wanted. Peace from God. Five fathoms down usually did it.

The Afterlife According To Mean Gene The Dancing Machine

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This one here drew six figures a year as a fake amputee panhandling ...

2 poems

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What if your teeth fell like so many rain drops gathered in a river

Hold My Hand

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Billy Joel wants to hold my hand.

Little Tech Puppies In the Artisan Beer Hall

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Little tech puppies, well compensated for code/ that outsourced laborers will realize in supercheap,/ superchipped gewgaws, sip artisan beers

A Beggar's Welcome

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. . . it's all we ever want -- the holding.

The Secret

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It was always your body that told so much -- lips working some secret out

The Boot

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my crotch-heavy press of 'Yes.'

Why I like My Watches Analog

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watch/ the second hand sweep

The Rune

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He reached for him, in a language the father would know.