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The Lookout

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Slipping past the jars of bubblegum and jaw breakers, I walked to the back of the store to the coolers for a soda. The wet swimming trunks under my tough-skin jeans had made a damp half moon on my rear end. I stuck my hand deep in my pockets. I…

The Death of Childhood Heroes (or "Roadkill")

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We were pushing ninety down the highway through a stretch of what rightfully should have been called the Badlands. We were both absorbed and coping with the rapidly escalating stages of desperation and so neither of us noticed when the yellow figure stepped…

Sex on Other People's Lawns

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Miss Dolan was different in the way she wore her short, curly hair, and in the way she swung her long, well toned arms as she walked so flawlessly across the classroom.

Life Experience

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Karen likes to make a big deal about life experience. Specifically how much more she has than me. What that actually means, she's never made clear. The definition changes and mutates as the years go by, always in her…


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We all have friends that would drop everything to save us. It’s the times we don’t need help that they’re not nearly as attentive.


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Just thinking aloud, really. And by aloud, I mean typing for someone to read haha.

John & Jackie

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By the time I learned how much I loved my family, I was 3 years and eight-hundred miles away from them

The Gift

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This was the anniversary of the chairs. He would celebrate tonight for the chairs, and the chairs would welcome him.

Jared Sampson's Mom

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She died in a car crash yesterday. She was driving down Hawthorne, past the strip mall with the Benihana’s, when her ’05 Corolla unaccountably careened over the center meridian and into oncoming traffic.


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So in the middle of that reddest of red states, our group, we needed our own base, our own HQ for our own fun: we made art, we played in bands. We couldn't hang out in the normal places, like the arcade or rec-room on campus. We'd get our asses kicked i

Standing in Line for Pac Man

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Sitting on the couch when we got cable television, on that first day. Pressing buttons that sounded like the slap that your attention span would take as you made your way through the twenty, thirty, forty channels. As you grew older, the amount of channel


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After the daughter leaves, the mother develops a problem with food. There is always too much, or not enough. There is never the right amount of food in the house after the daughter leaves.

Private School Girl

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I'm too rich to be this upset

Some Men Can't Handle The Shame

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reposted after I took it down

Micromanaged Truth

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Let your father stay through that dinner when his mistress needed him, while your mother was on the verge.