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Gracious Have Been My Years of Late

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Gracious have been my years of late; The windy drifts blown soft. Truth be told, such luck seemeth bait Eliciting doubts and wonderings.


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Della's husband was a grateful man. He told her thank you at least twenty times after every meal, no matter what she fixed. Why, she could probably put a dead toad on his plate and he'd eat the whole thing like it was filet…


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You tempted fate, walked under ladders, screamed down twisting canyons on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet, stepped on cracks on the sidewalk, ran with scissors, licked a frozen flagpole, rode in cars roaring along at 100 miles an hour and hitch

Beach Bird Bliss

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This day, oh, this day‚Ķ shoved joy and gratitude in my face, then tossed in beauty and just a touch of grace. A Piping Plover set my sorrows by the side, nabbing morsels when it could, then racing from the tide. Junior Eagle perched…

we're already at the movies

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israeli flares light gaza/ casting incandescent nudity/ upon jumbled puzzle piece buildings.