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The Friend Catcher

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The morning after Charlotte killed her father, the air tasted like lead and the sky was gun metal grey.


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Another noise, softer than the first: swish, thud. You are still. The house is very loud tonight.

Screaming Woman - Excerpt

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Bree was mean as a bag of snakes and had done laid out most of the eligible bachelors in Culloden County at one time or another to the tune that at this point no man who’d heard of her wanted much truck with her.

The Artist's Conk

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Whenever talk dies, or darkness gathers too closely around the breakfast table, everyone knows the list of ritual activities we can brightly suggest to skip the day forward.

The House on El Nino Diablo Court, Part 2

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Inspired by "The Dunwich Horror"" by H.P. Lovecraft, this excerpt concerns the events in the life of a man who is coming to the awareness that his son has followed in his grandfather's steps and begun the process of conjuring a spirit that killed him.

Hidden Things

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Reenie had always wanted to see Paris. In her dreams at night, she walked the old streets of the city, dressed up in floaty clothes, the smell of French perfume on the air. She told us that French perfume was just how Heaven smelt. But instead of Paris she had…

Obscure Mr. Crass

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“Sorry to disturb you Mr. Crass but it is I, Fredrick come from Sir Yainsnit. I have a letter here for you from his namesake he handed me not more than one hour ago...”

The Night Madison Brooke Burned Alive

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She told me it had been there since she was a kid, this large black spot like a blimp floating from her right arm up to the tip of her neck. She had really pale skin so she kinda looked like a cow strutting down the street.

The Unwelcome: Prologue

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"The house was the site where Kelt parents...were murdered in the spring of 1942..."

The Unwelcome: Chapter 1

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Whatever that meant, however such a thing could have happened, the house, the place, the whole property...did have that feeling: remote and silent, austere as a tomb of the unknown.

The Unwelcome: Chapter 2

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"I was alone on the driveway in the middle of the darkening woods."

The Unwelcome: Chapter 3

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“Follow me,” he said. “They’re on the other side of the island. There’s nothing on this side. People—normal people—don’t live around here.”

The Unwelcome: Chapter 4

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Something had woken me, but I wasn’t sure what—all I knew was that I had been pulled from sleep by something loud and sudden, and now I was lying awake, alert and unsettled, in the otherwise silent room.

The Unwelcome: Chapter 5

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My voice sounded as empty and useless as I’d felt the night before, seeing her, bloody and battered, in the bathroom across the hall from my room.

The Unwelcome: Chapter 6

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I picked my way down one of the stone staircases, where the broken stone urns wept weeds and shreds of bird’s nests onto the landings...