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Full Stop! Punctuation Police!

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Picture a scene: Catholic School, circa 1987. In a well-ordered classroom full of future secretaries ...


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We hit the road, headed west.

Godot, Go Wait Yourself!

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a bone-crusher handshake

Godot is a Heartbreaking Figment

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Godot is on the way.

My Godot-Shaped Hole

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Godot teases

WTF! Godot, a Sex Addict?

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The man in the gray trench coat showed up around a quarter to eight.

The Way is Dark, the Road Long

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The day I got out of prison the sun was shining.

Da Tung

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A black-green Eastern elephant / With baby riding atop.

A Man From Nantucket

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Once upon a time there was this guy in Nantucket. He may have been a whaler, a friend of Ishmael.

The Taste in My Mouth

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whose spit is this?

NOVEL EXCERPT: Jimmy Gollihue

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Jimmy Gollihue awoke to the howling of a bloodhound, a long voice from up the mountain, and the baying of the dog pulled a keening lament from his dream of the highway.

Walt's Frozen Head

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What if Walt Disney had himself turned into a cartoon?

Dr. Norm O. Pathy, M.D.

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He slumped forward, drooling into his lap.

Stumptown Mary

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so one time the Holy Ghost come down to Stumptown

Novel Excerpt - Full Chapter of Jimmy!

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Jimmy Gollihue awoke to the howling of a bloodhound ...