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Wedding Bells & Space Junk [July challenge]

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Right away, like toadstools, there were crackpot theories. The first: that kids out on the lake dock, against fire department warnings...

Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 7

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X feels no fear for he knows that this is one vehicle he’s safe in, one that will always arrive where he needs to go

Hotel Chelsea - Nanette 4

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She has negotiated a plum deal

Hotel Chelsea - Nanette 5

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Nanette kept stealing glances at him: the man looked honestly happy to be alive

Hotel Chelsea - Nanette 6

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“The Chelsea,” Nanette says to no one as if speaking in someone else's dream

Hotel Chelsea - Nanette 7

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Fredericksen sits reading her pages, as Nanette waits without breath

Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 8

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to make sure no slugs or snails have crawled on him in the night

Hotel Chelsea - Nanette 8

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Did I just think that? That someone will look out for me?


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where love and hate stand slow-dancing in the shadows

The Burning Gulf

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None of us ever thought this would happen.


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these are the things we must not speak of

These Gothy Days

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That Godot Guy Again - a True-Life Story

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This is what happened today.

Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 9

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Whatever it is, he knows some of them would march him into a Zyklon shower if they could.

God Particle

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Never could figure why it was necessary that scientists get those little two-inch golf pencils to write with.