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Greetings from 17-E

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Remember the glass changing room just off the pool terrace? It's been replaced by a juice bar. Seems fitting, really.

O Fortuna

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She stares at the grinning death’s head in front of her, inviting her to make a deal. Any deal. She looks up and around the casino floor. She is in the center of the maze and there are no exits.

Second Sight

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I’ve brought the things she asked for. Traveling with a live chicken on a city bus is an experience I hope never to repeat.


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May 2004

The Adventures of Tequila Kitty: Chapter One - by Christopher Chik

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That’s how I’d met him really: drinking games. We’d both been at the local watering hole, challenging the other patrons to drunken games of chance and making a clean sweep of it. A few guys figured themselves for alpha dogs had Teqs cornered after he’d ta