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On the Wife's Side

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Now, all I get are splotches of color in my vision as it rolls across the warbled tick of the fan, the tocking tick of my watch, and the tick, tick, tick of my eyes as they twitch, sometimes the left, sometimes the right. All I want to do is sleep.


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Behind the bellicose façade lay a soft, compassionate soul. He sat within a swirl of rosy twilight hues, buoyed by the gently creeping tide. A dark wall approached and he mechanically spun and began stroking into the glassy canvas of light and ocean that lay between him…

The Queue

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She persisted. “How long have we been here?” A note of anger crept into his voice. “How long? How long? Why …, why ….” He swallowed hard, realized he had forgotten.

One with Everything

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I refuse to give in. I am a woman of purpose, hard-wired to whine.

Are You Sure Charles Bukowski Did It This Way?

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"I'll bet the weather is rather pleasant in Guantanamo this time of year. A black hood will actually go nicely with virtually anything in my wardrobe," I thought as I turned away from the counter.


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She wore a tiara and red sequin dress to the airport. Her socks didn't match. Everyone stared, even in San Francisco.

insomnia made bearable

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the cheek of you! to dream/ upon my sheets in schoolboy peace/ when here i lie,/ each second spent/ a tranquilized tiger cursed with awareness/ for all the flesh so near its maw.

just not working

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some days you wake up/ to feel horror/ wrapped beneath your blanket./


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if it were a child/ it would be in first grade this year