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Seasonal Discord

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“I killed a man.” “Whaaattt???” I'd been meditating on the sun. I figured he was trying to jolt me awake.

My Son Thinks He's French

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My son thinks he's French.His accent was cute at first, but it's starting to get on my nerves. If he asks for another glass of Beaujolais I'm gonna go to jail for child abuse.Yesterday, I walked upstairs to make him turn his new Jacques Brel album down and I swear it…

Splinter Off

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When we lived in the attic we were make-believe.

Monsieur Editor and Madame Malaprop

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They slept in the same bed but that was all they had in common. He, an editor, had shelves filled with literary works and she, his wife of many years and never much of a reader, had strewn their penthouse apartment with Madeline children’s books.

del abandono

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standing naked in the doorwayher body drained out from the pastthe rain is pulling itself downon the milky window glassder schnee verdirbt am sonnenstrahlnasser schmutz am fenstersimswas bleibt ist nie was wirklich wardie laken kaum noch spürbar warmloin de tout, un rêve…

American Muscle

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The forest is ours, the sea belongs to the Brits and the Americans have heaven.

les sept heures des matins

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...because sometimes I have to talk youinto it, just a little, I toss that glance leeward:follow me down the hall sailorto the bedroom with the yellow wallpaper(that I pretend to hate), that French song(that you pretend to hate) spilling outta thecorner' strum my lips and…

struck by colorblindness @ noon

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Red and royalblue like blisters seared intofleshybacked tessellatedfishes you once slipped onehanded into your knapsackstolen as it was from a benchat the back…

The Proposal

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Perhaps it is not the tie itself but the way I have it threaded around my neck that offends him; the words “Little Miss Bronx” are clearly visible on the front.

Sunday Afternoon, Chez Ammad's

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And then the fists were flying and because the bar is so damn small, the bar stools fell over, and the tables caught them, and the drinks fell to the floor and the two men grappled, half in the bar, half on the street.

Animal Crush

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two pairs of arms and legs