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Holding Hands in Public

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Take my hand. Take my hand and we will sail through the atmosphere leaving trails of rainbow speckled life written in musical notes behind us. We can go anywhere you want, whenever you wish. The moon in 1974. I hear the earth looks gorgeous during the seventies.…

How Bittie Betina Learned to Fly

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Because she is so little and there is so little to do, Bittie Betina spends some mornings dropping bits of colored thread through the cracks in the floor.


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She fights the need to close her eyes. Ridiculous. This is no childbirth stitch, no surgeon's slice — this is pleasure... [863 words]

after amelia

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A year after the disappearance, George Putnam, a.k.a. “Mr. Earhart,” stands by the dining room sideboard in his North Hollywood home.

Castor and Pollux

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Over the stained fence the spectres flew and that is where the rain was turning colder and colder in the time when the trees had become mostly bare.

A Thin Piece of Something

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Last week, Beatrice told Rick she doesn’t want to marry him because why should they need an antiquated religious ceremony to validate their love for each other? But really it is because she does not love him. They both know this, but only deeply. They do

All The Right Steps

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"I didn’t take my mother’s denial of my dream lightly. I wanted it desperately. I cried and pleaded, nagged and begged. On several occasions, I temperamentally got out of the car at a stop sign and walked. Once, my mother said that I was nagging her so mu

Oklahoma, 1944: Howard Hughes Spends the Night in Jail

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There's a drain in the floor.