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The Dadaist

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The inspectors worked among the skyscrapers. Lila Mae Watson parked her van on the service level of city blocks that sometimes sat several stories above the street level, the street itself not the ground but far above the bedrock, the …

The Room of Doors

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"Which way ought we to go from here," he asked. She smiled again, "that all depends on where we want to get to." He nodded but didn't laugh so she sighed and strolled around the room, tuning and looking and considering her options.


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Shaun Murray is there. He doesn't pause to wash his hands. His trademark. He performs such surgical maneuvers as the Osmosis 540 or the Egg Roll and the patient gains consciousness at the last moment, just in time to smile up at him in tired gratitude. As

This Is Not A Ghost Story

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"Man, I'd love to do coke chopped up with the remains of this motherfucker," he said as the unicorn's head smacked against the screen of his netbook for the 12,364th time.

Zombies In The Time of Nineteen Eighty-Four

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I was watching the bustling crowd below, sipping on a teacup full of Victory Gin when the scream, no a howl, cut through the murmuring of footsteps and telescreens.

The Suicide of Superman

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Superman had just changed into his pajamas and was unpacking his Chinese takeout when he was consumed by an immense explosion.

The Suicide of Superman

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It was a Monday, about 6:00 P.M. and Superman was in his Metropolis apartment. He had just changed into his pajamas and was unpacking his Chinese takeout when he was consumed by an immense explosion.

TES IV Day 1: Jail & Introductions

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I suppose, if your going to spend some time in a stinking-mould-infested cell, you mind as well find something of a hobby.

TES IV Day 1: Graveyard Hours

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I peered harder into his eyes. What was he trying to prove? What was he running from? My mind started doing a roll call of the many aliases I had invented over the years. “Seria Loren,” I ended up saying and wanting to kick myself for blurting out m

The Wait

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Transhumanism has always had its malcontents usually derived from some philosophic contestation, but for all their thought experiments, somehow my present situation eluded them.

Suede Denim

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Rogue sits bedside in Jello Biafra’s hospital room.


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[組成] Sosei is Starmyu fan-fiction, which takes place a decade and so after Starmyu first season. Dorian Tsukigami (15) is a boy determined to succeed within Ayanagi's Composition Department by the power of his own musicality.

Jurassic World: Aftermath

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The world had gathered to hear about how the world’s most expensive and scientifically advanced theme park had turned into one of the largest crime scenes, and nightmares, of the modern age.