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minimal one

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Maybe he should have a schnauzer in the room. He could toss a ball and the dog would bring it to him. Again and again the dog would return the ball.

Who is the Emotional Orphan ?

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A wise man said, after being told of his impending death from a terminal illness, “I lived my life exactly the way I chose, and I intend on living my death the same way”. So I started some soul searching…how had I lived mine?

Abomination at the Shilkie

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That I own one of the world's largest collections of occult references, including a clutch of rare and ancient grimoires, ought to suggest I'd have been prepared for the shock. But nothing in my studies left me meaningfully prepared. . .

The Becketts, Out Walking

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“ I have 2 pairs of glasses. 1 for reading &1 for dreaming. We won’t need eyes with nothing left to see.”

New Story In PANK

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The gecko instinctively knew that if he moved, he was dead.

Heroin and Hyperspace (two blastoffs)

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"Hello, ah-ah-ah, ma-ma-ma-ma, aaaayaya, this is awful, I am in space," Yesh said, seeing if she could hear or feel her voice, trying not to obsess over her eyes. Her voice felt small, but there was pressure on her ears that may have overpowered it, and t

Call Me

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The woman took a small note card from her purse and wrote on it. She then stood, handed the card to the doctor, and said, “Call me.”