Poppy Lavelikov

Location Boulder, CO
Occupation Starwasher
Website http://

About Me

I want to write the Howard's End of space
& the VALIS of divorce
& the Autobiography of Malcolm X for the new lazy kids
& resurrect Mina Loy and commission an artist to make a graphic novel with her
& mostly I just want to write dreams without anyone noticing that they're surreal.
I want to write something that scares people into laughing
& something that makes people cry until they call someone
& something that makes someone pursue literature
& something that makes someone burn their library card and live in a valley.

I want to write until I don't have to tell myself to.

Why do you write?

If I don't write, I get all mixed up.

Poppy Lavelikov's Wall

Tide Lake – Feb 06, 2016

I want more.

Jackie Bole – Sep 21, 2012

Long ago, when I was a fledgling, I was told to "throw up" on the paper and then go back and clean it up. I throw up a lot. I smoke too much, drink too much, and think too much. I use a page specifically for that purpose and you happened upon it. I watch U.F.O.s, I.F.O.s and do not follow politics. I have few friends and even fewer followers of the same. I am IN-same. Welcome to my dream caste.

Darryl Price – Jul 18, 2010

Very interesting thoughts there. Welcome aboard.

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