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Free-lance writer. Blogger. Thrill seeker.

Why do you write?

Imagination fuels my creativity. I'm not a fancy writer but I do strive for accuracy. Thoughts swim in my head on a daily basis and writing them all down has led to a plethora of notebooks with scribblings and sentences that, at times, make no sense at all. To sit and go through these one would think it gibberish. Words, partial sentences, quotations all jumbled together with no place to go... Pick and choose and they all find a place they can call home.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Edgar Allen Poe was a tortured soul such as mine. Only difference is he actually got his stuff published!

Jackie Bole's Wall

Poppy Lavelikov – Sep 21, 2012

Well, Jackie, you've found brethren. I am an apolitical Arcturian wordbarfer of the highest order. Good to be amongst such esteemed-ly weird company.

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