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Story to Forget

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The white Boeing 747, all three hundred and sixty eight seats of it, prepared to depart from Johannesburg Airport. Mild conditions on a clear flight path coupled with the soothing voice of the first officer didn't allay my unease. I offered a friendly nod to the…

Victor Krowchuck Gets Dressed

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He puts on a choir of prepositions, 142 adjectives, 317 ramifications of cotton... and 177 semicolons engorged with cabbage.

A Physician Bearing Witness

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Human, you said, Comfort me, at this the end, Life so long, and smiles so short, What will lie beyond the bend?

Dissection (II)

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She wields the blade.

A Glimpse of Love

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I know that my Butterfly loves me. I've known this for a long time. There are moments though, when you see a person whom is very important to you, as the embodiment of love, and that moment burns itself deep and permanently into your memory. I can remember it today as…


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Hands and fingers feeling down Cross the boundaries I laid

A Vignette on Fathers

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On 3rd when you looked at your 389th happy New Year greeting, you autotyped “same to you”. No one on whatsapp knew. At week 17 of IVF therapy when you and your new bride could do no more; doctor Mehdi said neither could he. At 5 minutes left, you mi

Waves of Memory

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"Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. It doesn’t mean anyone is to blame - It just is."


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Through feeling her life story, I understood mine, more,