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One Chunky Elvis - To Go

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Now, heaven help the man who doesn’t bow to a Semite woman from the tribe of Esther. No sir, death is never an option with them because it would put a premature end to the suffering.

The Man Who Suckled Elvis

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No one wanted to bear witness to this grand emasculation

Postmodern Peanut Butter Sandwich

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Memphis’ man. Androgynous scam. Colonel Tom's Cadillac King.

Never Been Down to Lonely Street

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“This is not turning out to be a wholesome project,” my brother hissed into the phone one night. “Yo, Alan, it’s ELVIS. It’s American gothic, and the child needs to know the underbelly of the myth,” I hissed back.“Did you, or did you not, wear makeup to

Presley of the FBI

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"You look awfully familiar," said one of the corrupt oil company execs to the dark-haired man with the sunglasses and big sideburns.

The Revival (an excerpt)

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She clutched it tightly at all times, guarding not against the theft of what minimal amount of money it contained, but rather to protect the objects that rendered it less of a purse and more of a first-aid kit for administering religion to folks she beli

Silent Noodles, Swimming Pools and the ACLU: What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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You might want to think twice before inviting Henry David Thoreau to your next dinner party...