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That old woman's got to be senile or something. The other day she asked my daughter if I had a "thing about water." Sharon told her I didn't, but then came right in and asked me, "Mother, you got a thing about water?"

The Old Man and the Shark

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The shark’s voice was dark, warm and scratchy, like dying embers.

Dancing Shoes

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Though she is looking at me, I sense she is seeing someone else. Somewhere else. Maybe a long time ago. Her hair looks like cotton and a silk scarf is draped elegantly across her frail shoulders. Plum lipstick outlines lips almost vanished with age.

(4) Caution

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“You shouldn’t have gone inside,” he said, after she told him what had happened. “I know that’s what you’re used to doing here, with people we know. But he’s not from around here. Don’t go back over there, okay?”


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Her memory was a faded pastiche of the past, and indeed the present sat uneasily in the middle of the dreams that governed her mind; so it was that often she would forget the day, the time, the year.


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July 2008

After the Carnival: an excerpt

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Clayton unfolded the note and read slowly down the page, the color draining from his face with each passing word. When he finished reading, he slid the note into his shirt pocket and tried to think what he might say to the girl; it was hard enough for him

Wal-Mart El Cid

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another traffic jamming cart