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The Nurse

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The detective imagined the nurse shake the old man’s breath off his coat as he walked to the bus, shuttering the teak and dust world behind him. He pulled a fingertip along a blue hallway vase, brought it to his thumb, rubbed the grit.

Thirteen Ways of Nevermore: Arkansas, 12/31/2010

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MIDNIGHT all day. Bleak December. A chiaroscuro, snowing blackbirds. (Pas de cinq mille, in B minor.)


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It's supposed to resemble the sea bed. These fish have never seen the outside of an aquarium and even if they had, they are reef fish, they'd probably get the bends and die if they went to the bottom of the ocean where the chances of them finding a cerami

breakfast at madison st. hotel

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large metal bolts sunk into the pink stones of the patio held our table in place half in the shade and half out. on one side, kurt, john, edgar and david enjoyed the cool umbrage of the awning. on the other, charles, henry, jack and i squinted through the