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Face of the Earth

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I am a bomb but I mean you no harm.

An Inquiry into the Submission

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"An inquiry into submission 245,789 will now commence," said the one in charge. "Sir, you have been before us many times. Please start from the beginning." "I first met her when I worked in central processing. She was ordinary; in fact, I almost passe


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I am a bomb but I mean you no harm.

Avatar Of Chaos

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He has one good eye and is missing the other. The socket of his missing eye squints with a disturbing and unfathomable insight.


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Ireland - her beauty is like a drug.

Untitled, or Views from the Great Space Preserve

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My great great great great great grand children like to visit to look down on earth and imagine that confusing time between stone age and space age, when we licked rocket pops, drank hot tea, and used our throats to speak.

Passing the Last Buoy

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I am stunned that you’re gone here one moment, vanished the next leaving only profound stillness in all the spaces and moments you used to be


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It's hard not to sound dramatic when you begin a letter "On Earth..."


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Moments before they had been holding hands, but when they turned the corner and she told him she did not want to go down the dark path he had turned also, into someone she did not recognize and could not understand.

Be Afraid

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Everything conspires to kill you:

The Algorithm That Got Away: The Q&A

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He is unmediated by any computer or person. He went rogue in 2016. He has been in your Facebook feed, your Netflix recommendations, your Spotify playlists, your Google ads, and your YouTube pre-roll. But what is next for him? Lets find out.

The Earth Squeals

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Who knows how long I have been crouched here, tied down by kelp and thin vines, trading laments with animals? They all look terrified.

You'll Stand At My Graveside (after Mary Elizabeth Frye).

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Don't throw earth on bones.

Over Here

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I covered my hair and shoulders so as not to astonish God

Song of the Earth

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This is your only life. Honor it.