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Sooz & Sid

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“Scccrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeecccccccccccccch! The '69 Chevy Impala, grey-black smoke pouring out of its tailpipe, came to a crunching stop on the top of a hill fifty miles to go on the road to Portland, the smoke mixing with the fog and remnant's of brush f

The Suicider (Short Version)

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He woke up four hours later with the second worst headache of his life. He leaned against the car door, his face against the window, and pulled the handle to open the door, but it hit the wall. He pulled himself out of the car by the top of the door frame

The Suicider (draft)

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He woke up four hours later in his car in his garage with the worst headache of his life. He lurched out of the car and kicked over a basket of basil as he toddled towards the door to the house. He stopped and scooped the spilled basil back into the baske

Slanting Rain

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...falling into that breathing abyss, and she can feel her heart pounding against it. A falling and falling that’s never ending. Frightening. How hard the thump will be if ever she lands. The darkness continues to breathe all around her.


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I. The car door slams. You've closed the bar and now you sing Piano Man in a drunken slur, clomping up the driveway. I am in bed, not sleeping. The mango tree leaves tremble from the wind, but it might as well be because of you. You fumble with keys at the front door.…

Don't Trip On My Exit Switch

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It’s nice, but, it’s weird not being in love, or maybe in love, sometimes in love. (Or, not in love. Frankly, we might be not in love.) Or, both of us might be. Or, only one of us might be. (Good lord, I hope it’s never me.)

X Marks the Spot

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I was an only child....

Regarding Viet Nam

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At some point, my lottery number/ was in the mid 300s. I was safe/ for whatever reason. No need/ to burn my draft card.