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One of the Scotts said, “I imagine your enormous boobs in my mouth and can’t manage my staff anymore.” Another Scott said, I never understood that scent you wear, like a blend of Je Reviens and Patchouli oil."

Second Wife

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If things continue to go bad for her she will become second wife in six years.

So Different Now

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She’s right there in Thirsty’s. In her usual spot. Drinking her usual drink. Yuengling on tap. One after another. And he’s there too. Behind the bar. Pouring drinks. One after another. Sometimes they speak. But mostly she orders. He pours. And


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But to be honest, the only thing that ever influenced me was hundreds of hours spent in the Springfield Public Library where everything was brown.

Just Like Magic - by Arlene Ang and Meg Pokrass

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He was happiness incarnate—with large magic breasts, that was true.

Like Five O'Clock

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She pulled the book off its shelf. It meant something else now. He'd quote her in the mirror, at the backs of buses that kept her moving, something she'd said without saying. He would remember for them. She'd forget, without him, the way she wanted. Garland and lights were…


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Upset his custom. Make it yours.

The Tamarack Swamps

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Last night, in a tavern called Wits End, we dropped quarters into a console, sized and shaped like an old TV.

In tidal relief

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the world slips under the waves