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Why won't you lie?

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And out on that lake that day you yelled “desperation please!” And I heard “desperate pleas?” I wondered about first impressions.

Flaming Beauty

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Okay, it was a long shot but who in that room wasn’t desperate to shift that shit? All our jobs depended on it.

Desperate For A Good Leg

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Of course the man went tumbling, and though he fell not far, a falling with a body full of meats and sweet breads makes the landing something awful-not so bad that Desperate got it-only so the leg puffed like a blue, rain swollen, earth-bound cloud.

Desperate Texts

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Me: Remember that one time when we went to Mexico and ate lobsters and drank tequila at that restaurant? We were right in front of the water. Remember? Him: Yes. :) Me: It can be like that again. We could go down there. Him: Not a great idea.

Please Date My Son

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Junk Pulse

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Me included...