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I was dating my yoga class. It was going all right. Which is to say, the sex was pretty fantastic but otherwise I was beginning to lose interest. I'm thinking of one Saturday afternoon in the summer. We ended up browsing for Father's Day gifts at Crate & Barrel in …

Warning: Mud Makes Me Horny

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One day I was sucking down the HG French Vanilla, and the next day my body plugged itself into some universal energy grid. Like some unseen force had snuck into my body and somehow a biological experiment had gone terribly wrong. The unintended result was

He Oppressed me with Kindness

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In a strange twist of fate, I got food poisoning. Chuck stayed with me late into the night patting my back as I threw-up into the toilet. When my stomach was empty, and I was sipping at the water Chuck brought to help me feel better, I broke up with him

Blind Date with Nostradamus

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Some silliness to start the new year with a smile. Warning: this piece contains nothing of any literary value. I mean, seriously, not even by accident. Happy 2012 to you all.

Lithium and Gin

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"It's called Death Spank," said an acquaintance of mine as we sat outside in the heavy rain, sipping gin at a local cafe. He'd whispered it like it was some kind of depraved secret, his words followed up with a grin and a "You'll love it. I'm telling you" nod and a wink. He…

Second verse, same as the first

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Most people assume I’m gay, and have assumed I’m gay since I was in fifth grade. Maybe sooner. Maybe fifth grade is just my first memory of recognizing what other people believed true about me. But coming out as a gay man in 1987, when I was in fifth gra

How to Forget

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Refuse to go to the church service, even though you already missed the funeral. Tell his mother something came up. Call his phone over and over, just to hear his voice, until his mother asks you to stop. Make a recording of his voicemail. Delete it an

Breaking Dawn

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This is where he died, she says to me, and points to the damp pavement. Her hair is wet, and slicked against her neck. The humidity is making everything engulf her. The sleep shorts I bought her last July are loose on her now, but between the rain and

The People We Like

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How hard it is to pretend to be someone else. Alone, together, in the silence... I thought about how you must really like me to act quite like that. I wanted to hold your hand and read the unsent love letters.


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But she knew what she would find. She knew it all the moment she felt the sticky fingerprints behind the slat of her old oak slay bed. The fingerprints that would only be left from a person grabbing it from behind their head. The fingerprints that she

Julie Martin

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To describe Julie Martin in those days is to give a resume of prairie truth: her good soul and giving heart were the stunning elements of her beauty. From afar she was a demographic sample like millions of women who, unlike Cassandra, could not afford to

That one night that was like all the other nights.

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My iPhone screen illuminates, vibrating on the bar. It amuses me to no end to see my comrades seated upon the neighboring stools grasp anxiously at their phones, parallel companions to their beers. I can almost read the thoughts accompanying their…

Date Night

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Content may contain ordinary, everyday, and all around average happenings.

Fourth Time’s a Charm

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We wait for a server to bring our coconut cream pie. His favorite. I hate coconut.


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He had been the innocent stooge for a young girl's selfish dreams. He vowed to be more careful. He would rather be lonely, if need be, than compromise himself with girls like that.