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Belfast Diaries

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In the morning I’m hearing the roar and swoosh of engines. They’re coming at me from the opposite side of the road! Every thing’s flip-flopped! Tiny, boxy foreign cars gunning for me and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m suddenly swerving

Above the River's Edge

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On the plains there are no cliffs, no vast mountain ranges to persuade us that we were somewhere above the world. Yearning to escape the pull of the Earth was the big dream of a plains boy…

Pit Stop

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I was more annoyed at the scream, the icy air around us and our eventual destination–his parents, the club, small talk, all that drunken insignia.

The Mechanics of Crayfish

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The boys would plead to to catch it one more time, and though it was getting dark in the noxious dry swamp, where radioactive isotopes had seeped into the soil, Yuudai would urge them to recapture the crayfish.

Earth's the Right Place for Love

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When he turns around she has her top off and is climbing out of her skirt. "I don't like old men that much," she says. "We don't have to talk. No one will know."

Dangerous stories

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The story of piety is strange thunder