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The Cat's Chair

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A cat terrorizes a small family. They fight back.

To Erma Bombeck

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A mother - a writer -once said to me“Do what will endure.”Because she was of loveand of good humorand because she was of joyand caring for un-met friends.I tried. Now I writeand play with my child,who knows not of dirty dishesin the sinkunmade bedsbathtub…

Vonnegut's Step Nephew Is A Serial Childstar Who Can Really Put It Away

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about a milkman in extremis, crisis of acidophilus, conscience, karma and 30 year municipal bonds gone sour; endless fifths of Stolichnaya, tumbling from power windows


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today on the bus/ a man in his fifties/ smiled at a baby/

Engineer Boots, Leather Jackets & Tight Blue Jeans

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As you pump the brakes to the cadence of the song, you look at me. Whoever says brown eyes are mundane, has never seen your eyes that day. Everything changes, almost instantly, with those eyes and that faint glimmer I feel only I could see.