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Third Down and Long (April Fool's Day Challenge)

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“What's taking you so long, pussy. You gotta get in the game!"

The Judas Horse

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Mark dressed the velvet red Stetson, too big for his head, like a dandy. A six year old savior with fringe on his pockets flapping as he, the ‘Judas horse’ led me ’round back

The Great Divide

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On the ridge in front of them, appeared a creature, neither man had ever seen before, standing taller than their horses, the strange beast walked on two powerful legs...

The Important Story

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The best thing about being a cowboy is the cows.

A mustang ate my homework

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"Where's your fiction, King?"

Fixing Fence

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The sun is coming up and the work day has already begun.

I want to make your babies

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Give me hard men with Montana eyes two-stepping in reptile boots.

Mount Baldy

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The most beautiful possible thing is to deprive all places of their meanings.