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I saw the ad in my local paper: field sniper. I'd been laid off from the Wal-Mart in Orem. Brenda was ragging me about my target practice, scaring squirrels at the bird feeders. So, she said, go talk to this guy. Put yourself to some good use. We thought it…

Big Secrets

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O’Malley imagined the blissful, narcotic innocence of Toby’s world where soft-shell crabs crawled into people’s mouths and hummed a happy tune as they were chewed and swallowed.

Elegy For the Old Republic

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You call the shit in this paper news? ‘Dog Accidentally Shoots Man With His Own Gun, Swedish Man Bursts Into Flames on Train Platform, The Truth About Elvis's Hidden Extraterrestrial Daughter.' Seriously? Enough about Elvis already.

TPP or...

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This was looking down from what we know as The Grassy Knoll.


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Second Hand

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“Okay, here is a wild idea. Let's each choose outfits from the second hand store for the other to buy and wear to a bar for a drink..." Famous second to last words?