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Andrew didn’t need oil and neither did his mother. In fact, the only reason oil was on his mother’s mind was because it was the last thing on her mind. He did not get up to get it, and she did not protest.

Shirts and Skins

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The boys finished their laps and returned to the center of the gym, Hamid shuffling up last, as usual. Amid the T-shirts and shorts, he wore faded blue slacks and a grubby, long sleeved dress shirt. He always dressed that way, even in gym class, as though

Blank Light, Wooded Light (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.7)

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Ships tumble, cars crash, horns gulp water, bombs burst up from the ground in a halo of screams.

To the Bonfire Rhumba (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.9)

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The night is a jelly slosh, a fertile rumble, a rhumba, black and seeping, thick. An arm rises.

Surprise Return

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Maybe writing had become my religion.

New skin

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For ten minutes I would have to sit perfectly still on the edge of her bed, thinking of Road Runner and the Flash and wishing I could do anything but sit there with my feet in warm, foamy water.


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As military tears soaked into hymnbook pages


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This morning Katie and Jimmy are learning about the potters field—the one where Judas Iscariot was buried—from their grandma.


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He gives the slouching beast its due...