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Office Manager Discovers Secret of Cheese Danish

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This became clear, she says, while she was tidying the break room following Tuesday’s Excel updates meeting.

Bathtub Cheese

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“I was having a shitty day. Fighting with Alan, my mom was on my ass, and I had just got the call that my freelance gig was ending three months early. I needed a cigarette. I needed more than one. The kids were in the bath, but I had to get to get the

Brot und Käse

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I hoped I did not look as panicked as I tried not to feel.

Sexual Fondue

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Come hither beach disco daddy. Meet me at the Regal Beagle on a hot ass loaded dice spicy aftershave night when the cleavage is sloppy with spilled pina colada. Bring me a pink carnation to fire up the old shake and bake no sleep until Milwaukee libido. The Cherokee call…

What the Bay Broke

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This summer they had reached their fifth anniversary, the landmark they’d dubbed the Bacchanal year. Instead of exchanging gifts made of wood, they’d bought expensive wines and champagnes and emancipated their bodies of clothing for two straight days. The

Diet Plans

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She positioned the mouse cursor over the word Bikini and double clicked. The hard drive of the ageing work PC chugged into life as an Excel document dragged itself onto the screen.