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The One Ton Woman and the Amazonian Half Man

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The shows were a flop from the very start. Carnivals as a rule have trouble those days but it was impossible to relay on the old standbys. Bearded women were cured by cosmetic surgery. Snake charmers were a dime a dozen. Fire eaters were an insurance risk

Love Las Muertas

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a dozen girls with EncarnaciĆ³n's face flit past, whispering kisses along the part of my hair, tickling their hems along the cuticles of my nails.


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that was one more autumn we endured for laughter, coming from the other side of town on a bicycle of zoo creatures. The empty mirror was a crystal in my hand, journeying with us, with the cathedral seats, with the small bears in cans

After the Carnival: an excerpt

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Clayton unfolded the note and read slowly down the page, the color draining from his face with each passing word. When he finished reading, he slid the note into his shirt pocket and tried to think what he might say to the girl; it was hard enough for him

The Bird King's employees

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The Bird King's advisors and ministers are a range of rusty kitchen utensils. They all observe a respectful silence in his presence.——Contrary to popular belief, the Bird King is not an atheist. His meathook priests do their rounds at twilight.——The…

13 phantasmagoric floats appearing in the Bird King's Chimeric Carnival

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1. Days of InnocenceFluorescent maggot men dance the flamenco.2. The Eyes of MedusaPythons and immobile pole dancers in grey body paint.3. GolgothaA drunken mechanical Christ grinds your bones to make his bread.4. Big Ape BollocksAlpha males slug it out in a cage made of…