13 phantasmagoric floats appearing in the Bird King's Chimeric Carnival

by James Knight

1. Days of Innocence
Fluorescent maggot men dance the flamenco.

2. The Eyes of Medusa
Pythons and immobile pole dancers in grey body paint.

3. Golgotha
A drunken mechanical Christ grinds your bones to make his bread.

4. Big Ape Bollocks
Alpha males slug it out in a cage made of the bones of the beaten beta men.

5. The Other Side of the Mirror
A Hell of revolving doors, with screaming Red Queens.

6. The Triumph of Time
Hands pointing to blank faces, numbers crashing down.

7. The Dark Room
Thousands of photos of an empty bed.

8. The Mannequin
A smashed window in a department store display.

9. Punching Judy
A shrieking bride clobbers her red-nosed husband.

10. The Bald Prima Donna
A fireman, leaping from the window of an invisible house.

11. The Cocoon
A gigantic filing cabinet shakes violently, as if something inside is trying to get out.

12. Capitalism Makes Happiness
Play-Doh recreations of disaster zones.

13. Limbo Dancers
Grey shapes wavering, neither here nor there. The music has stopped. The crowds are vanishing.