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They giggled at me when they thought I was asleep, giggled at the size of my balls, which had never been a problem before her. Said it was because of my tiny balls that we only had two children.

Polar Bear

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“The bear can run 100 yards in 8 seconds. These rifles can fire 5 shots in 8 seconds. So if a bear charges, I give you four seconds. After that, boom.” The guide put down the rifle. “I will wait for you to shoot,” he said. “But not too long."

Only Temporary

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It was the middle of May when I found out my teacher was screwing my mother.

Sono Canadese (I am from Canada)

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He spoke passable French, and had charmed local femmes. But it was a different story when he crossed the border into Italy, and landed in Rapallo.

Waiting for "Barney" (Mordecai Richler's version)

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But there’s a special place in my heart for Richler’s tour de force of a novel, his grand finale, Barney’s Version. It has everything — humour, a whiff of mystery, poignancy, a suggested reading list for a literary illiterate like yours truly, the Falstaf


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We leave at dusk in a borrowed car, two of us, driving from Boston to the border, our only stop a package store in New Hampshire for liquid provisions.


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At night, on these New England roads, there is no light, no pink sodium-vapor glow, no guideposts. Just dense, thick darkness, all shades of black marshaled together, pushing back against the paltry spark of our headlights.

Feeling Marlene (from OPEN CITY Magazine Number 16)

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I got your card in the mail via my ex-wife in Saskatoon. On it you wonder where I am, if I am still writing, and if I have any stories I would send for you to look at because you think I should be published, too.

Breaking Eyes

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-No, just drugged, I remind myself. The hallucinations are more real, more accurate than before. While the dreams get more nightmarish, the hallucinations get more nostalgic. I prefer the nightmares. No one knows if this treatment will work, but what bett


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Things get lost in Big John, too. I see the other guys throw jokes about his size at his body that wedge their way into his armpits or into the wrinkles of his laugh lines and disappear. I’m not sure if it all disappears to remind us how small we are,

Bed Bugs are Jumpin' in Thunder Bay

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The little Hannibal Lectors had run like bandits away from the flames and had latched on to their equipment and gear. They screamed as the bugs crawled all over them. When they got back to the station they had to quarantine all their stuff so the bugs w

Cold and Snow Are Four Letter Words

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Environment Canada predicted the storm might not stop for another 7 days. The population of the island was now advised to evacuate. Evacuate? To where?

Dream State

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forced to submit/ to reasonableness// and universal healthcare.