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We sat under the broken umbrella, its flowered fabric hanging limp on one side. The rain fell softly at the edges of our backs. I kissed his hand, the one without fingers (not a casualty of his job, only of birth). My lips pressed what I couldn't say into his…

Brian's Bride

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I had a dream. "And it was a long dream, as dreams go. . ."


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He had fear for lunch as was his custom as they waited for the results. Today the turmoil had substance.


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“He looks funny again,” the twins would say. “Cow looks funny, Mummy.”


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Effluvium is such a lovely word so hey surprise to find it covers rancid butter, vomit, fertile gingko fruit trekked in from the pavement, the tree brought first to Philly and admired for its toughness.


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It rains diamonds on Neptune, Zoe reminds herself. She knots her face and clamps her hands on her thighs, the better to ponder the impossible through the streaked windows of the bus. A small bird bounces off the glass, and Zoe looks back at it twitching on the…

Motion of Souls: A Novel Excerpt

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I am eighteen years old and the events of this morning take place in 1979, the year the first Vietnamese boat refugees arrive in Ireland, the year Aer Lingus appoints its first female pilot, Gráinne Cronin. The hurler, Christy Ring dies that March. It is


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But you're everywhere, how can I move on? It's so easy for people to say, Get over it, the ‘it' being the smell of your skin, your smile, the taste of your lips, always sweet and salty, like a carnival treat. Remember that neon night when we knew it was over, how we…

Forgetting Superman

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I forget you. Upfront: that’s how this ends.

Contract Love

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“If you guys ever get back together, I’d make him sign a contract.” I smiled, but cautioned, “Not sure that would work.” She answered with emphatic confidence, “You haven’t seen how good I am at writing contracts!"