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While She Works on Her Marriage, I Get Drunk

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At least Scotch leaves, he chases the eighteen year old variety the perfect age, so smooth, tasty, he admits, too readily

Far As You Want

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At a rest stop in Montpelier, they stopped to buy Cokes and gum from the vending machines. He was showing off, trying to jimmy one of the locks with a safety pin but it stayed locked and she laughed at him and he said goddamn, look at all a them Milkyways

The Snotgreen Sea

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The only reason why Paddy talked to me at all was because I quoted from Ulysses. The sea, the snotgreen sea, the scrotumtightening sea! I shouted as I shucked oysters for the dinner rush.

Lynda, The First

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Spring break that year, I spent nearly every minute with Lynda. Her taste for sex was unquenchable once we’d gotten started. We did it in every position possible. The sitting position in the front seat of the car, which my brother Harris had to explain


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It annoyed me that he could still split my mind along its faults like an earthquake, but the first leaves were falling and the air smelled sweetly of soil and decay. It was around this time two years ago we met.

Live Wire

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In a way her eyes scared me – sometimes an electrical current would peak in her pupils, a jolt from the pain she held at her core like a fortuneteller holding a crystal ball. In these moments she was both vulnerable and terrifying.


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...cause these oysters were the most famous oysters in the world but no more now, that was years before, in our grandfathers' tuxedo times...

Unfinished Business

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you are the most uptight pansy I have ever met

The Garden Heaters Of Kilburn

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when women’s hair shrinks into tight curly balls and sits on top of their heads like scrunches of wool, blowing in the wind, hanging from the mouths of recently shot deer.


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DISLOCATION I'm down in the basement playing imaginary baseball. Dick Donovan coaxes Roy Sievers into grounding back to the mound. This should end the game. Donovan fields the yellow ball bounced off…

Ten Tequila Shots

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After sprouting boobs and a vagina before her sixteenth birthday, a girl watches her divorced father fall from parental grace by drinking ten tequila shots and baring it all for the neighbors to see on his birthday.


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Gas station mart generic whiskey that smells sketchier than bathtub moonshine. Don’t worry about liver damage or going blind because you won’t be drinking it. You’ll need every drop to disinfect cuts and wounds since you and thousands of others in your co